Food and Nutrition

Quality home cooked meals

Organic day care food
Carmel Indiana Day Care

For your child’s health and development, we cook a warm home made lunch daily. For your children, highly nutritional food is made with quality organic oil, eggs, meat, and milk. We serve antibiotic-free, hormone-free milk. We use extra light olive oil for all cooking. Chicken and eggs are hormone free, veggies are organic, as well as most of the fruit. We also serve tilapia, salmon, and tuna fish. Few, if any, other child care providers go to these lengths to provide this quality of nutrition for your child’s well-being.

International Bilingual Learning is regulated by Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) for cleanness, daily servings and nutrition with three checking visits per year. Our staff receives 6 hours of annual nutrition education. This helps providers know the proper foods to feed children in amounts appropriate for their age. IBL, LLC pass the CACFP expectations. International Bilingual Learning serves the high quality food home prepared to exceed certification standards.

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