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References and Testimonials

From some of our many satisfied clients:

Shannon K. writes, “...My son began with Lorena at the age of 12 months and is now 5 years old. I am extremely happy with the loving care that she has provided to him and believe that she has assisted my family with shaping a wonderful child… …She has helped my son learn academics such as colors, shapes, numbers, and Spanish as a second language; as well as helping teach him manners. I believe she has encouraged him to become the happy, well-adjusted fun loving little boy that he is…”

Melissa C. writes, “…After visiting her in-home daycare and speaking with her, I felt very comfortable enrolling Joshua full time… …Joshua would come home and talk about the planets, plants, and animals. He could count and knew his colors. He was very clearly learning and enjoying himself… …Ms. Pittman also has appropriate and compassionate disciplinary techniques using time outs and explaining why certain behaviors are unacceptable… …I would highly recommend Ms. Pittman and Bilingual International Daycare to anyone…”

Carmel Indiana Day Care

Melinda S. writes, “…During the time that my son Luke was in Mrs. Pittman’s care, I would highly recommend her as a childcare provider. I believe that with her offering certain lessons to teach the children as well as being in a bilingual environment is extremely important to the development of my son…”.

Kevin T. writes, “I had the pleasure of having Lorena Pittman watch my grandson, Luke John, for 5 months when he was an infant. She took very good care of him and was concerned for his well-being. I could tell he was cared for very well by the way he greeted me at the end of the day when I picked him up. He was happy, contented and always clean and dry. Lorena kept a schedule of events during the day so that his mother or I could tell what he did, what he ate, and how he played and napped. I would hesitate to use Lorena again or recommend her to family or friends.”

MacKenzie B. writes, “…When I speak to others regarding the quality and love that Lorena gives all these children everyday, people are amazed. She gives to my child everyday like she is her own; she gives to the community and uplifts those around her. She is truly priceless and I can never say enough about her. My daughter loves her like a second mother and we love her too.”

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